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We do it Fast & Easy for You!

Website, what for?

Your Website is a modern day brochure representing you & your company 24 hours a day.

How often do you look at other companys’ websites, from your notebook or smartphone, informing yourself when it suits you?

And what if yours did the same?… Modern, flexible and online within a week. Doesn’t that sound good?

That’s what we do!

Give us your logos, photographs and texts and we create your Website or Webshop. Starting small with room to grow, as your needs and ideas grow as well. And all that, from registering your Website name to being online is possible within a week.

All-in-One WebDesign Package for You

That’s our goal, we look after all the technical stuff, and create your Website & Webshop quickly & efficiently so that you can concentrate on your business.
  • Website & Webhop WebDesign
  • Newsletter Functionality
  • Multiple Contact Form Integration
  • WhatsApp & Telephone Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • WordPress Installation, Setup & Administration
  • Domain Registration & Administration


We realise your website within a few days.
You have your own design and we create it for you, or
We WebDesign for you, and create it with your logo, text and photopgraphs.

By using modern technology and efficient solutions our Standard “getting started” package begins at only 500€. Especially at times like these businesses need cost efficient flexible solutions for growth.

WordPress Website Technology

WordPress is the Nr.1 Website & CMS Plattform, for speed, efficency and value, so of course we create your Website on this plattform.
  • Modern Technology
  • Secure & Reliable System
  • Efficient Development
  • Expandable Functionality
  • Staying flexible for the future
  • Grow as you go

WebDesigned for Multiple Devices

Customers use different devices, be it PC, Notebook, Tablett and of cource smartphone, so we create your website with on responsive technology.
  • Desktop PC
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone

Multilingual Functionality

Are your customers or their employees multilingual, how do they wish to be reached?
  • Multilingual Website
  • German, English and how many more?
  • Uniform look & feel for all languages
  • Differentiated look & feel according to culture
  • Translation Service available

Newsletter Integration

Customers wish to be informed & kept up to date, and your sales & marketing team are happy to oblige.
  • Newsletter integrated into your Website
  • Double Opt-in functionality
  • Multiple Newsletter groups for customer selection
  • Contact Forms integrated into newsletter functionality

Social Media Integration

Integrate your Website into your own Social Media or let your customers spread the word for you.
  • Integration to your Business & Social Media Plattforms.
  • Customers sharing your pages in their Business & Social Media plattforms.
  • Business Plattform Connectivity, such as Xing and LinkedIn
  • Marketing with Social Medias like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Multi-Channel Integration

Customers have so many ways of communication these days, so it’s best to offer them ease of access to communicate with you.
  • Direct Telephone Integration for PC & Mobile Phone Users.
  • WhatsApp Integration for PC & Mobile Phones Users.
  • Messenger Integration direct from your Website.
  • Email Integration direct from your Website.
  • Multiple Contact Forms directed to different teams.

Legal Documents

Today things are a little complicated concerning DSGVO, Cookie Policies etc, so we look after that for you.
We integrate & regularly update such documents on your Website:
  • DSGVO conform Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy
  • Imprint
  • Disclaimer
  • Your Terms & Conditions

WordPress Administration

We do the technical part of WordPress for you
  • Installation & Setup
  • Optimised for faster performance
  • Update installation & testing Service
  • Regular WordPress Backup Service
  • Support you and your employees to create more content

Domain Administration

As well as the WordPress administration, there is also the domain and Server administration. We look after the technical areas of your domain from the word go.
  • Registration of your Domain Name
  • Administration of your Domain
  • SSL Secure Domain Installation & Setup
  • Multiple Domain Routing

WordPress Training

As part of supporting you grow, we offer WordPress Training into the basics of working with WordPress, updating pages and expanding your website.
  • WordPress Basics
  • Updating Content
  • Creating New Content
  • Uploading Media
  • Integrating Media
  • Expanding Menus
  • Creating Buttons & links
  • and much more…

Isn’t that easy?…

…then get in touch today!