Fast Professional HomeOffice Help

We’re here for you

Webinar working in HomeOffice?

All set up the way you need it?
  • Pictures & sound flowing
  • Best camera & sound settings
  • Your cool Background Picture
  • Recording & Saving video & text
  • Working on all devices

Microsoft & Google Office

Working online & offline ok?
  • Different formats & files
  • Local & over VPN
  • Up in the cloud
  • Exchanging with colleagues
  • Working with your team
  • Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint

Connecting Devices

Are PC Computer, Notebook, Mobile working as one?
  • PC to Notebook
  • Notebook to tablett & mobile
  • Email on all
  • Exchanging files between devices
  • All connectivity working, whether LAN, Wifi or bluetooth

Stable Connectivity

Are you always reaching everywhere from HomeOffice
when you need to?
  • Internet stable
  • VPN into work
  • The cloud working fast
  • Webinars always on

Printing everywhere

Can you print when you need to, where you need to?
  • Jam-free printing
  • Streak free pages
  • From your Notebook/PC to your local printer
  • Even from your mobile over wifi to your printer
  • From Home Office to the printer in the company office

Of course, we also…

Repair Your Computer Hardware

PC Desktop


Laser & Inkjet Printers

And in the worst case scenario…

…We Save & Recover Your Data & Files

Make your your files secure
& create automatic backups

Clean virus infected Data & Files
on PC, Notebook & USB-Drives

Recover Photos & Files from
Harddrives & USB Memory

So, where do you need help?…

…then get in touch today!